With the right know-how you can cook healthy recipes from scratch,and save time and money. Collection 26 Great School Food School food’s improved dramatically in recent years and now school meals help children eat better and do better. These recipes keep to the same principles so you can create veritecatering.com your own balanced and varied menus to enjoy with your family at home. Collection 09 The humble potato Where would we be without our beloved spuds? They make the ultimate comfort food, whether it’s mashed, baked, fried, or boiled, there’s something seriously satisfying about a good old potato.

We also have lots of storecupboard recipes to try. Lunch recipes These quick, easy and varied recipes are the perfect way to make every lunch something to look forward to. When you’re craving cheese and carbs, there’s really nothing better than cannelloni.

Phil Vickery’s summer picnic loaf

If you’ve been inspired to get cooking, our range of kitchenware may help – we’ve got everything from plates and ceramics to aprons and tea towels. Red-figured stamnos , showing meat being roasted on a spit over a fire as part of a sacrifice. Cato’s recipe uses cumin, but it can overpower the herbs, so it is listed as optional below.

  • Gok is in the kitchen to bring us one of his favourite dishes – Nasi Goreng.
  • This freezer friendly sweet treat is perfect for your party preparation and making entertaining easy and delicious.
  • The quinoa forms the base of the salad, which is a great vehicle for any green or roasted root vegetable.
  • Each spice corresponds to a different buff, and the effects will scale up for dishes of higher quality.

You can use the search bar on the top right corner of the page if you are on your desktop to do a search for the dish or ingredient you are looking for. Use the drop-down menu in the Menu to browse all recipes which have been sorted into categories. When we eat foods that are in season we increase our energy levels and avoid introducing chemicals in our system. Nothing quite like a fresh green smoothie in the morning to start your day with a kick of energy! It’s great to regularly clean out our gut just as much as we cleanse our bodies on the outside. Any type of marinade can transform an inexpensive cut of lamb into a tender and juicy treat.

Beer Can Chicken

They’re delicious, packed full of vitamin C, are high in fibre – and they can be used in so many versatile recipes. Eggs are a great source of protein and you can use them in all sorts of different types of meals. We’ve picked out our favorite egg-ceedingly good recipes for you to have a crack at. There are hundreds of different types and it can be used in almost anything. We’ve picked out our favourite recipes for you to devour.

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Oregano is suggested as the Greeks used it in seafood dishes. A burger bun filled with colourful vegetables and served with spiced sweet potato wedges cheers up a dull day. It is substantial enough for lunch or supper and it’s super healthy too! Cook the vegetables on an AGA griddle for extra flavour.