Please note, for all programmes in the Department of Computer Science, a level 2 numeracy qualification is not considered as equivalent to GCSE Grade C or Grade 4 in Mathematics. You will also have the opportunity to develop your employability profile through a work placement. We would also like to send you useful information about studying at University and/or the courses that you have shown an interest in. To do this we need your consent and information on which communication channels you would like to hear from us on (please see opt-in boxes above). Upon submitting this form, your enquiry will be forwarded on to our enquiries team who will contact you to answer your question and provide further details about the course that you are interested in.

Most of the time, adaptive design is used to redesign the already existing website. So, if you have a webpage, but it is not mobile-friendly enough, the adaptive method is perfect for you. It allows you to create multiple viewports for the already existing structure. This meant that the traditional web design that was created for the computer screen only was no longer a thing.

What do web design and development graduates do?

We’re not able to send bits very far on electric cables before the signals start to fade. The physical way we send bits using electricity is to set the wire to a high voltage to represent a 1, then put a low voltage to represent a zero. The computers can tell whether or zero or one is being sent on switching off between high and low voltages. Website, may you think about having your website on the internet or maybe you need a new, better one.

  • They use Graphic Design software (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, etc.) to build interfaces in the form of common images.
  • By using these design patterns it helps the system to become more flexible, allowing you to add or edit the code without breaking any of its functionality.
  • This Framework aims to develop your professional skills and competence alongside your academic subject knowledge.
  • Once the price has been agreed we will stick to it and if the web design takes us less time than we initially expected we will reduce the price accordingly.

Our websites are responsive, meaning they work equally well on mobiles, tablets and computers. We don’t use templates – every project is designed from scratch, specifically for your business. We can use our graphic design skills to create logos, icons & images to be used on the website. The main benefits of responsive web design are its flexibility, cost efficiency, wider reach, and better user experience. Back then, in the 1990s, when the first websites were being created, it was almost impossible to access them through mobiles.

You will also explore current and future applications of AI and how various AI techniques have been used to solve practical problems. Additionally, you will learn how to appropriately select from a range of AI techniques and tools to solve practical problems in different application domains. Furthermore, you will learn how to conduct performance evaluation of intelligent systems. Your assessments are designed to help you develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required of a computer science graduate.

You want to be a web developer, or you are one and wondering if you have learned enough to be a successful web developer. Front-end code organises and makes information from a server available to clients. Please see examples of our website developments on the right hand side of this page. When designing a website, our primary goals are to design an attractive, functional and unique website that is easy to navigate for your visitors. Andrew and the team at Wight Computers have been incredibly helpful to our small Island charity, Pan Together, which runs the community centre in East Newport. Responding quickly to our requests for help, nothing is too much trouble and issues are resolved friendly efficiency and effectiveness.

When taken and passed, however, the Placement Year is recognised both in your transcript as a 120 credit Work Placement Module and on your degree certificate. Certain applications may need to be submitted via an external application system, such as UCAS, Lawcabs or DfE Apply. Example offers updated to include the Digital Production, Design and Development T Level with an overall grade of Merit. QualificationRequirementA LevelBCC-BBC.BTEC Extended Diploma Distinction, Merit, Merit .

Graduate Business Intelligence Consultant

CERN has doubled the number of students it will take on placement, reflecting the respect and value placed on this degree by prestigious industry professionals. Should you accept an offer of a place to study with us and formally enrol as a student, you will be subject to the provisions of the regulations, rules, codes, conditions and policies which apply to our students. Computers, mobiles, games consoles and even home appliances are connected to the web. There’s great demand for inventive individuals who create innovative solutions for the future. The Athena SWAN Charter is a framework which is used across the globe to support and transform gender equality within higher education and research. You will graduate with a wide range of computing skills plus a highly developed approach to problem solving.

Programming: Concepts to Construction 1

If you prefer a stylus-based system, several Microsoft tablet-style laptops fit the bill. They include the Microsoft Surface Pen, which gives you control over the finer details—just like using a pencil. As a web designer, you’ll likely need to expand your storage space continually.