Short lists of some important books in the individual subjects on offer in the HSPS degree. See Entrance requirementsandChoosing your post-16 subjectsfor additional guidance and conditions of entry. Please note that it’s not possible to change track between Years 2 and 3, unless switching from a two-subject track to one of the subjects within it. Some final year papers require you to have taken a relevant Year 2 paper.

Gain a grounding from a social theoretical perspective, including current debates and trends in human rights. The challenges of managing in complex international business environments. And how participation has the potential to enhance physical, social and mental health and well-being. You must study and pass four option modules, two each from your chosen subject pathways, or from the Sociology options. For your two chosen subject pathways, choose one module from Group A and one from Group B. If you wish to graduate with a BA Social Science then at least 60 credits must come from the same named subject pathway.

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Human beings interact with the physical world and each other to produce artefacts and services that support and enhance their lives – offering usefulness and pleasure. Economics is the study of the principles, laws and dynamics that drive these economic processes; about how such wealth is created and subsequently distributed. Social science comprises 15 major disciplines and many sub-disciplines and specialisms.

  • This culminates with the opportunity to complete a final year placement module that enables you to put your acquired knowledge and abilities to use in a workplace suited to your individual skills and interests.
  • This course draws on insights from several disciplines, including sociology, social policy as well as international development and criminology.
  • The requirements to practice a profession vary from country to country.

This is a four-year version of our popular BSc Sociology course, with an integrated foundation year. Develop your ability to work effectively with children, young people and vulnerable adults and shadow qualified social workers in practice. This course combines an honours degree with a professional qualification in social work approved by Social Work England and endorsed by the College of Social Work. Gain experience in relevant organisations, and graduate equipped to help change society for the better with a Social Science degree. Social science knowledge and skills from leadership and strategic planning to international liaison, sustainability, consumer growth, marketing, legal and financial management are vital to business. Social statistics, methods and computing involves the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative social science data.

Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate or Chinese University Entrance Exam Gaokao

In Years 1 and 2 everyone studies the same modules, however in Years 3 and 4 you are given the opportunity to specialise in psychology, sociology or politics by electing to study specific modules. You can choose to specialise, or continue with all three disciplines. Your fourth paper can be two 5,000 word essays on politics and international relations; a statistics paper; or one offered in another HSPS subject or from others such as History or Psychology . The principles, practices, applications and critiques of conversation and discourse analysis with respect to the language of crime.