Marketing: 5 Service Marketing Strategies
Marketing: 5 Service Marketing Strategies

The service marketing strategy has a significant difference from the marketing of other types of products. This is because what is offered is intangible.

With no physical product displayed, of course, it will affect the way you market your services. Service marketing should also sound more convincing through words.

Sometimes you have to rely on your own customers to provide good testimonials, thereby influencing other consumers to use your services.

However, getting the first customer is also a difficult matter if the service marketing strategy is not right. In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of service marketing and its strategies.

Definition of Service Marketing Strategy

A service marketing strategy is a strategy that promotes the intangible benefits and offerings provided by the company to provide value to consumers. Services can be in the form of self-service offerings or services that complement physical products.

Service marketing is a concept whose main focus is on the business of intangible or non-physical products.

Services are the advantages of a company that is mostly driven by person-to-person service and cannot be saved by consumers.

Consumer satisfaction is the only indicator of whether the services provided have met their needs or not.

Business sectors such as hospitality, tourism, financial services, professional services, and so on, are suitable for using a service marketing strategy.

Service marketing strategy can be divided into three aspects, namely external, internal, and interactive marketing. External marketing includes pricing, distribution, and promotion of services to consumers.

Internal marketing includes training and motivating employees to serve consumers well. Finally, interactive marketing relies on the skills of employees to serve customers.

Types of Service Marketing Strategy

Before running a service marketing strategy, you need to know in advance the types and characteristics of service marketing.

There are at least three types of service marketing that you can do.

1. B2C

Business to consumer or B2C is a service provided by companies to end consumers. Services can be in the form of telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, to repair services. The main focus of the business is selling services. For example, hospitality or financial consulting services make services their main business.

2. B2B

Business to business or B2B is a cooperative relationship between two companies. There are many companies that make other companies their customers. B2B services include finance, travel, technology, media, and so on. This type of service marketing is carried out with the motive of showing business value to organizations that use these services.

3. Post-purchase Service

This type of service marketing is done when the company provides additional services after the consumer makes a purchase. This service is in the form of warranty service, customer support, customer service, goods repair service, and so on.

For example, a device company provides a customer service hotline to receive complaints and questions about products.

The service center can repair damaged products, and customers can use their warranty.

Service Marketing Strategy Characteristics

There are also service marketing has a number of characteristics. The service marketing strategy is very different from other physical product marketing. Therefore, it is necessary to know these characteristics.

Here are some characteristics of service marketing:

1. Intangible

We cannot see or touch the service but can experience it, because it is an intangible product. The consumer’s purchase decision is entirely based on his understanding of the services offered.

The ability of marketers to convince consumers to use services greatly influences consumer decisions. There is a little bit of negative publicity about the services offered, it can make consumers turn their backs.

2. Use of Tangible Products

Service companies utilize a variety of tangible or physical products to provide services to consumers. For example, a travel agent needs to book a plane ticket for a client.

Another example is a hotel business that provides rooms with mattresses, pillows, and other equipment as part of the service.

3. No Stock Storage

Services are provided and provided on the spot. In the provision of services, can not store the product, because it is not like a physical product.

As a service business owner, you don’t even need to have a warehouse to store stock. Especially doing stock maintenance.

4. Pricing

In implementing a service marketing strategy, pricing becomes very crucial. In the service industry, consumers are often more concerned with service quality than price.

If the price is low, consumers can be skeptical about the quality of service they get. If it’s too high, their expectations will be high too. Consumers try to get the maximum service from what they have to offer.

Service Marketing Strategy

There are several service marketing strategies that you need to do so that your service business can produce results.

1. Market Research

Market research is a basic thing that needs to be done before implementing a service marketing strategy. Through market research, you can find out the characteristics of your potential customers.

From there, you can determine what kind of marketing or service is right to hook them. In addition, market research provides insight into how your business processes are performing.

2. Niche Strategy

You need to do a niche or niche strategy to differentiate your business from various existing businesses. By determining a market niche, you can focus on providing services to certain consumers.

Indeed, segmentation is also limited by determining market niches. However, your business has the potential to be the best in its field.

For example, you want to open a photography business, but many have entered the field of wedding and event photography services. You can find a niche market for e-commerce business people by offering product photo services.

3. Social Media

Social media can not only be used to market physical products. Service marketing strategies can also be done on social media.

The advantage of using social media is that you can immediately display your service portfolio. Prospective consumers can also easily contact you via direct message or through the comments column.

4. Easily Accessible Website

When it comes to service portfolios, having a website that can show them more comprehensively is also important.

By having a website, you show that your service business has the professionalism and looks a little more “capitalized”. However, it is also important to have an easily accessible website with easy navigation.

Apart from that, website design also has an important role. A good design and no carelessness, show you are serious about your service business.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s useless to have a great website, but no one visits it. Therefore, you must carry out an SEO strategy to complement the service marketing strategy.

You can do two types of SEO, namely onsite and offsite. With onsite SEO, you optimize the keywords and content on your website.

SEO Offsite untuk mendapatkan backlink dari situs lain. One way is to create articles elsewhere that link to your website address.

These are some service marketing strategies that you can do to develop your service business. May be useful!