If You’re Looking for Secure Packaging, Use A Corrugated Flute Board

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most sought-after packaging solutions in any warehouse. Available in various forms, such as rolls and sheets, it is also the primary material used to make American boxes and other cardboard box formats designed for transporting heavy and fragile goods.

Corrugated cardboard, also called corrugated board, is characterized by the combination of two elements in its structure:

One (or several) sheets of corrugated paper, also known as corrugated flute or medium, acts as a central rib and gives corrugated cardboard extra strength. Plain paperboard sheets (or liners) are placed outside or separators for different corrugated flute layers.

Several possible combinations of flutes and liners result in several corrugated board variants with varying degrees of flexibility and strength.

As we add smaller or larger quantities of corrugated sheets and flutes, we obtain up to four types of corrugated board:

Single-flute corrugated board with a single cover: consists of a single and medium liner. It is ideal for wrapping fragile products before boxing during the order picking process.

Single-flute corrugated board with two decks: consists of a sheet of corrugated board and two outer sheets. It is the most common in the manufacture of boxes with flaps.

Double-flute corrugated board: it is characterized by having two flutes separated by a third liner (apart from including the two outer flutes). It is used when boxes with extra strength are required.

Triple-flute corrugated cardboard: the result of joining three sheets of corrugated paper and four sheets of cardboard. It is recommended when the merchandise is hefty.

Corrugated cardboard presentations

Corrugated cardboard rolls: available in different weights and sizes. They are widely used to protect fragile surfaces from shocks and wrap heavy and bulky products because they adapt to their shape. If your company uses this product frequently, we recommend purchasing a roll holder that facilitates the cutting of the sections to the desired size.

The corrugated cardboard in rolls

Corrugated cardboard sheets: separators that are delivered pre-cut in a range of standard sizes. These sheets are ideal for palletizing your exclusive merchandise.

Corrugated cardboard sheets

Corrugated cardboard boxes: a wide variety of packages designed to store and transport all types of goods.

Given its characteristics, this type of cardboard has multiple uses. Let’s see the most relevant ones:

  1. Packaging and boxes. This is the most common use of corrugated cardboard. It is used to make all types of boxes, wrap goods so that they do not suffer during transport, or make sheets and compartmentalize the spaces in a box.
  2. Removals and renovations. This cardboard is very effective when it comes to covering furniture or the house floor during a renovation. It is also used to protect furniture during a move.
  3. Cardboard pallets. More and more companies are choosing to use cardboard pallets for their shipments instead of traditional wooden pallets. These pallets weigh little and are very resistant, supporting up to 800 kg of load.
  4. Furniture and decoration. Despite being something new, many designers are currently opting for this type of furniture and decorative elements. It is increasingly common to see cardboard chairs, tables, or lamps.
  5. Products for pets. Another of the latest applications is the creation of cardboard kennels or toys for animals.