Dropping an unstoppable superhuman in the middle of LA in 1995 should have been way more Terminator 2 than Captain Marvel made it feel. A cracking arrival scene and decent jukebox ’90s soundtrack aside, the rest of the movie ends up feeling pretty much like every other mid-range MCU entry. Brie Larson is fantastic, but she really deserved a better film. Finally giving Scarlett Johansson a bit more to do than just kick people, Black Widow set her up with a decent stand-alone vehicle . Staying mostly grounded and gritty, the last act tanked when the action moved to a big flying factory in the sky. Don’t Worry Darling, where he found love with director Olivia Wilde, will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.

  • No Spider-Man movie is better than Into The Spiderverse, and No Way Home made the mistake of trying.
  • This may be due to the fact it seems like a gargantuan effort to sit down and map out exactly what films and TV shows to watch and when – but fret not, The Independent has done exactly that.
  • You’re only likely to do this once, but there are a few ways to go about it.
  • After Endgame wrapped up phase three so nicely, and quickly defined the ensemble superhero genre, how would Marvel respond?
  • Very, because not only did Marvel adapt the story, they did it in style.

Momoa is set to play the villain in the franchise’s next installment. Like Deadpool and Fantastic Four, an X-Men-centric movie will also be part of the MCU following Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was the first ever Asian superhero movie. Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool) recently announced that Shawn Levy will be the director of Deadpool 3 although dates for production and the release date are yet to be finalised. Marvel enters the supervillain team up genre with this highly secretive MCU project that will mark the final chapter of Phase 5 of the MCU.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Features the first appearance of Thanos and hints at his plans. Also reveals more information about the Mind Stone, which ends up as part of Vision. Establishes Tony Stark as the figurehead of the MCU and eventual first recruit of the Avengers Initiative in a post-credits scene. After 24 films, countless crossovers and 4 incredible Avengers films, the MCU as we know it has changed forever. The star of upcoming DC film The Flash has been embroiled in multiple controversies in recent months. Blumhouse boss Jason Blum wants to end the ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise after last year’s “terrible” movie ‘Next of Kin’.

Prepare for tears, laughs and the inability to get out of your seat for a solid three hours. And it finishes off the $5-billion-plus epic better than we could have hoped. It’s a direct continuation of the Infinity War storyline. And if you’ve seen that film, there’s little of chance of forgetting that ending. The film broke all pre-sales records, and raked-in $2 billion faster than any to date. Sticking to space, James Gunn’s follow-up has Kurt Russell as Ego, The Living Planet, so you know it’s going to be good.

amazing bits of pop culture that were never actually released

Starting 14 years ago in a cave with a box of scraps, going by theatrical release means we kick off with Tony Stark’s Iron Man. 10 amazing bits of pop culture that were never actually released Great games, movies, shows and music that never saw the light of day. 10 times directors explain their unpopular movies This is what some of the best directors have said about their factory-publishing terrible film choices. Marvel is now well into its groove of hiring interesting, not always obvious directors to helm its films, and giving them some space to do what they do. In the case of director Ryan Coogler , what he does is make arguably the most acclaimed Marvel movie to date, and less arguably, the first to earn a Best Picture Academy Award nomination.