The Coventry University Group assessment strategy ensures that our courses are fairly assessed and allows us to monitor student progression towards achieving the intended learning outcomes. This course will be assessed using a variety of methods which could vary depending on the module. Assessment methods include formal examinations, coursework, tests, portfolios, practical or project work, group work, demonstrations, presentations and posters. We highly recommend you choose a dual-band device that supports both 5Ghz band frequency and 2.4Ghz. We also have a professional Document Services Team offering a wide variety of printing, binding, copying, and laminating services. There are some extra costs that you might have to pay, or choose to pay, depending on your programme of study and the decisions you make.

These offer university computers which provide access to all of our sytems and services, library resources, a wide range of software, your student email account and the internet. Kaspersky Laboratories is a Russian cyber security and anti-virus company headquartered in Moscow. The multinational corporation was founded by the current CEO Eugene Kaspersky, and operates from a holding company in the UK. The University of Hertfordshire provides a wide range of software applications for staff and students for general and specialised subject-related use. Where licences permit, we aim to make all software as widely available as possible across all labs and the LRCs so that you can use it both in your timetabled sessions as well as for independent study. The NeXT machines are credited with the first real commercial development of the object oriented programming concept.

The Objective-C language began life as the Object Oriented Pre-Compiler. This was a simple preprocessor that took Smalltalk-like constructs and translated them into pure C code. Since C has no native support for dynamic dispatch, the pre-compiler used a separate library to handle dynamic lookup of methods. Usually in a clamshell design, booklet tablets have a touchscreen on the inside of both the upper and lower sections of the device.

Open Source Software

Quite simply,passwordcracking is the recovery of passwords or data through repetition for the purpose of gaining unauthorised access to a system or to recover a forgotten password. Social engineering is the term used to describe an entity obtaining the confidence of the victim for the purpose of gathering information, committing fraud, or gaining access to a system. Within an IT setting, social engineering means the psychological coercion of a person into divulging confidential information or performing actions. It differs from what people consider to be a traditional ‘con’ because many steps are involved to get the desired outcome. By disguising itself as trustworthy,phishingis the name given to attempts at gaining information such as passwords, credit card details, and usernames for malicious purposes. Phishing is usually carried out in the form of an email or instant message that directs the victim to a fake website that looks identical in appearance and feel to the original.

  • This would implement some of a set of defined methods and the view would query which it did implement at runtime.
  • An additional aim for the student is to learn complex system design techniques including architecting for speed and area.
  • Head to /education/edu-software/overview and select a program you need on your personal computer, click Get started.
  • To speed up some types of processing, the processors are likely to be assisted by specialised hardware.
  • Following successful completion of the activities, the module selected will appear on your final academic transcript.

This technology can be folded like a laptop, making them capable of fitting into a pocket, also allowing users to open the device to reveal a large touchscreen surface area. Computer softwareis the term used to define the sets of code, data, and instructions stored on the computer’s hard drive that operate the machine from behind the scenes. In other words software allows a computer to actually perform tasks, without software, computer hardware would be entirely useless. Application software gives functionality to an app, which will then run on operating software within a computer.

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To connect to the VPN, you will be required to use Multi-Factor Authentication . For details on how to enrol your mobile device with Duo Mobile app, please visit We are looking for a full-time Marketing & Business Development Manager to join our team, starting as soon as possible.

Design software and applications

A NAS drive enables users to play media on TVs without having to connect to a computer. They use much less power than a regular PC too, which makes them cheaper to run. A gaming tablet is a modified touch-screen designed for gameplay. These tablets typically have a directional pad (D-Pad) attached to make the gameplay experience run more smoothly by giving greater user control. Canonical believes a diverse workforce enhances our ability to deliver world class software and services which meet the world’s computing needs.

A browser window will appear and ask you to login to your Rhino account. When the program tells you that your account has a licence ready to use, click Login as . Click Yes to the ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device’ prompt. The app will open, and you can start using SketchUp Pro with V-Ray. Install on your own device – launch using Cloudpaging Player following the steps below. First, you will need to create an Autodesk Educational account with a one year licence, then you can install Revit on your own computer.