Content Marketing: How to Create Interesting Content

Content is king, have you ever heard the term? In the world of the web, content has a very important role. Not only that, now there is a marketing technique called content marketing that makes content one of its vital components.

Maybe you know digital marketing, traditional marketing, or product marketing, but do you know what content marketing is? What makes it different from conventional marketing? So that will be the subject this time, keep reading to find out the answer!

Content marketing is a marketing technique with interesting and relevant content media to maintain interest and attract new customers.

But make no mistake, content marketing is not something separate. This approach is used in conjunction with existing marketing techniques.

So, what are the advantages of content marketing? Actually, it is not much different from other types of marketing, namely interacting with customers optimally, increasing brand awareness, and most importantly increasing traffic on the website through SEO content optimization.

Example of Content Marketing

Do you have any idea what content marketing will look like when applied to a business? If you’re still confused, take a look at the following examples, who knows there’s a contagious inspiration:


Recently, podcast content has been getting a lot of attention, for example, Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast which he uploaded on YouTube. If you’ve watched it, you’ll know how podcasts work.

Some well-known content creators and brands see podcasts as a great content marketing opportunity. Choose a viral topic, then insert product promotions naturally.

Because podcasts are in the form of sound, anyone can enjoy podcasts while doing other things, not having to be stuck in front of a screen.


Basically an infographic is a poster containing information. Infographics can break down convoluted information into eye-catching visuals.

The writing is made to-the-point so that it is easy for customers to understand. Infographics can be used to explain product specifications, benefits or how to use it.


Apart from increasing customer trust, having a website is a great way to market your product. Website can reach more target market.

However, there are a few things to note. A good web interface alone is not enough to attract traffic if you don’t optimize it with SEO. If you don’t understand, you can use SEO professionals.

To maximize traffic, use keywords that are easy to find, so that the website has the potential to appear on the user’s screen.

How to Make Good Content Marketing

Whatever marketing strategy is used, if it is not done consistently, the results will be nil. Therefore, apply the following rules for effective content marketing:

1. Define Marketing Goals

There must be a reason why you want to launch a marketing campaign, right? What is the goal you want to achieve? Put the desired achievement in the checklist sheet.

Without a clear goal, marketing has no clear direction, making it difficult to determine whether marketing is successful or not. To know more about travel you can visit this site

Usually, in conducting a campaign, the goal is to improve and build a business image, invite a lot of traffic to the website, to increase revenue.

2. Understand the Target Market

Understanding your target market can make it easier for you to create appropriate content. Answer questions like ‘What is the target market’s age range?’, ‘What content do they like the most?’, ‘When is the target market’s online hours?’, etc.

Having data about the characteristics of your target market will help you in the long run.

3. Content Research

In content research, That know as the Skyscrapers technique or the skyscraper technique. The concept is, you do a content search via Google, then research the top content and think about how you can improve it to make it more interesting.

It doesn’t mean that conventional research techniques are wrong, yes, the skyscraper technique is just a consideration. That way the chances of the content being ogled will be higher.

4. Create a Content Calendar

Confused about what content to make? Or forgot to upload content? Being chased by deadlines because the content isn’t finished yet? Are you having that problem?

Usually these problems arise due to poorly organized content management. Content marketing is incomplete without a content calendar. This calendar can drastically change your content management.

Try to take the time to schedule all the content to create on the calendar. Specify the due date and publication date of the content. Use Google Calendar because there is a task reminder feature so you don’t forget.

This will be your handle so that social networks and websites stay updated with the latest content.

5. Connect Content with Product Knowledge

Make sure the content has relevance to product knowledge. Content must be informative and educational.

Highlight product advantages so customers know what is unique about your product that is not offered by competitors. Over time, customer relationships and awareness of the product will be formed.

6. Content Publication and Distribution

After the content is launched on websites and social networks, don’t miss the next important stage, namely the stage of publishing and distributing content. Distribute content on various platforms for wider reach.

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