This may involve such changes as enhanced use of private transport or quieter accommodation. Most trips have an arrival meeting on the first day where the guide or local team will run through the trip, the safety protocols, and to answer any questions you may have. Now more than ever it is important you arrive in time for these meetings. Visitors who are transitting through or entering New Zealand as tourists will need to hold an Electronic Travel Authority before travelling to New Zealand.

This could include the need for visas and certain passport requirements, and in some cases, countries require you to have a valid travel insurance policy for your visit. Let us know about any pre-existing medical conditions before you take out a travel insurance policy with us or you won’t be covered. If you’re going away on one trip for no more than 31 days, a single trip policy should provide you with enough cover. If you’re planning on travelling for more than 31 days to multiple locations, then a backpacker policy will provide you with the appropriate level of cover for your trip. It’s also advised that you get a backpacker travel insurance policy that includes medical cover.

If you don’t declare pre-existing medical conditions when applying for your travel insurance policy, then you won’t be covered if you fall ill directly or indirectly because of your condition. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides travel advice for hundreds of countries and territories so that travellers can make informed decisions about their plans. You should check local laws and entry requirements to ensure that you don’t get caught out once you arrive – having the wrong documents could lead to you being sent back home.

Travel Insurancefor Thailand

Our staff in the UK are trained to help you with your trip before you depart and answer any questions you may have. In addition, the local team and guides on our trips are there to help with any health and safety concerns and to ensure our trips run safely and smoothly. Due to working holiday visa restrictions, the upper age limit for our suggested route is 30. This trip requires you to show evidence that you have been fully vaccinated against covid-19 . This travel pass includes some compulsory, scheduled overnight stops in locations off the beaten track, complete with amazing and unique adventures and experiences. Get set for fun and unforgettable adventures in the backpacking Mecca of the world – amazing Thailand!

  • It can insure your important documents, personal baggage and even travel money up to an amount set out in your policy.
  • Gap 360 offers set packages, or you can build your own itinerary!
  • Go on a long-tail boat ride or try tubing, bamboo rafting or sea kayaking, before spending the night in unique floating bungalows on an idyllic lake.
  • Before heading off on your trip you should do thorough research of your planned destinations, so that you have a better idea of what to expect and what you might need to pack.
  • Plug adaptors that are suitable for every destination as there will be nothing worse than travelling from Europe to North America just to find you can’t charge your phone.

Go wine tasting, stay at surf camp, swim at a remote river camp, hop across to magical Magnetic Island, and explore the rainforest in Tully. The cost of these unique stays is not included in the trip price but they are available for a fantastically reasonable local payment. The route can be completed in a minimum tour time of 13 days, or you can make the most of the 12 months’ validity on your travel pass and hop off to stay a little longer in any of the destinations en route.

You could experience the glitz of Las Vegas, the history of Rome and the beautiful scenery of Bali on the same policy. Our backpacker travel insurance includes cancellation cover of up to €2,000 if you are unable to go on your trip for one of the reasons set out in the policy. For cancellation cover, you must take out this insurance policy at the same time or within the following 7 days of booking the trip to which the policy applies. If you’re interrailing around Europe for the summer, backpacker travel insurance will cover you for multiple countries over an extended period.


Will cover you for travel to multiple locations around the world. Allows you to easily get a quote for travellers over the age of 50. Contact your mobile phone provider to check on any overseas charges you might incur. Be careful using free WIFI abroad especially to carry out confidential or banking transactions. What you’re taking, such as any gadgets like a laptop or mobile phone you want extra cover for. My first backpacking trip was the well beaten path of Australia and South East Asia.

From short trips, to your annual family holiday, at ERGO, we understand you, our customer. That’s why we’ve designed 3 leisure travel insurance cover options with you in mind. If you’re aged over 50, then unfortunately we won’t be able to provide you with Backpacker cover. But, depending on the type of holiday you’re taking, we may still be able to cover you under our Single Trip and Annual travel insurance policies, where the age limit is 80 or under and 65 or under respectively . If you are keen to earn some extra money while you are backpacking to keep your funds topped up, our globetrotter policy covers you for working abroad, provided it’s not manual labour and machinery isn’t used.

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This could help to cover medical treatment or repatriation costs that aren’t covered by your EHIC, or the GHIC. Backpacker insurance is different to an annual travel insurance policy, which covers you for unlimited trips over 12 months, but only for a maximum of 31 days per trip. A lot of bank accounts or credit cards come with varying levels of travel insurance cover. Although some may be comprehensive and suitable for most trips, they may not cover you for everything you have planned whilst you’re away. If you have adventurous plans or unusual excursions booked for your trip, you might not be covered.

In addition to affordable Travel Insurance, provides up to three levels of cover and a full range of discounts and benefits. In addition to affordable Travel Insurance cover, provides up to three levels of cover and a full range of discounts and benefits. Whether it is a single trip to Europe or Multitrip’s around the world each year, you can rest assured that we have a Travel Insurance policy that suits your needs.